Six Questions for Conquering Product-Fit Market

Finding product-market fit is huge for startups, but it doesn’t make the time right to start pursuing a huge market.

Many startups tend to take a little time to celebrate their Series A round. The same is true when startups have found product-market fit. Of course, it’d be foolish not to enjoy your success a little bit. However, it’s important not to celebrate too much or for too long because the next phase of the startup journey has already begun.

After product-market fit, the next step is to conquer your product-fit market. This means becoming the dominant figure in whatever market you found initial success. Too many founders believe this is the time to start expanding into new markets. But you can’t do that until after you’ve dominated that first market.

Naturally, founders have a lot of questions about conquering the product-fit market. Why is it so important? What is the timeline for accomplishing it? What should the targets be? Who is responsible for selling during this period? With so many questions to answer, I have put together a video that aims to answer all of them. As always, feel free to reach out if you have additional questions or need more guidance.

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